Total Office-Service Automation

EasyReq is a cutting edge, web-based, back-office automation software that simplifies empowers and improves workflow management.

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  • About.

    EasyReq is a suite of secure web-based tools designed to make it easy for your employees to request administrative work (courier, copy/print/scan job, archive retrieval, board room booking, catering, office move, IT help, maintenance, etc.) manage that work, track progress, and automatically allocate cost. EasyReq also has other powerful features and functions including a very robust courier/messenger rate shopper and order management tool, inventory management tool, and time and attendance tool, to name a few.

    EasyReq was designed and developed by QAMS, a Canadian based facility management company.

    Over 20 years of combined experience in facilities management, printing, shipping & logistics and staff management drove our efforts to design and develop the new industry standard for office-service automation.

    They say that necessity is the mother of invention and that’s basically how EasyReq was conceived.  We designed and developed the software to meet the needs of our business.

    EasyReq is cutting edge, web-based, office-service automation software that simplifies, empowers and improves workflow management.

    With the speed of technology, turbulent economic times and elevated expectations – companies must find ways to cut costs, improve efficiency and most of all, adapt and evolve with the market.

    EasyReq is the solution, a powerful, easy to use tool for everyone in your office – from mail-room staff to secretaries, accounting to human resources, office managers to executives – everything is at the tip of your finger.

    Furthermore EasyReq has a two track sustainability promise – reducing paper and wasteful costs in the office environment, and two – ongoing support, updates and technology upgrades, EasyReq will never become obsolete.

  • Benefits.

    EasyReq has positive impact across critical departments. Your accounting department will be faster, nimbler and more accurate, administrative support will be more efficient and your company will save money and energy to focus on business.

    1.  Automate cost allocation and accounting integration to foster real time billing, invoicing  and receivables.

    2.  Streamline office service requisition processes to eliminate potential workflow errors, monitor and mandate accountability.

    3.  Cut administrative costs and drastically improve service to your internal customers, realize a transparent and efficient flow of work from end to end.

    4.  Assist management with the tools and self-serve instant reports they need to accurately forecast and budget, control costs, and constantly improve workflow.

    5.  Utilize cutting edge technology to empower staff and lessen wasteful man-hours accomplishing essential day-to-day operations, allowing for a more productive workforce.