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EasyReq is a cutting edge, web-based, office-service automation software that simplifies, empowers and improves workflow management.

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  • Customization.

    Your business is unique and you may have unique requirements.  No problem.  EasyReq is customizable and if necessary, our developers will modify the software to suit your exact needs.  If you define a requisition type not currently contained in EasyReq, we can design and build it for you.

  • Configuration.

    EasyReq is easily configurable to meet your needs.  Depending on the solution you select, you may not need certain requisitions, features and functions.  We’ll configure EasyReq so it’s ready when you are, at no extra cost to you.

  • Consultancy.

    We’ll come on-site and help you assess and define your needs, we’ll help with EasyReq implementation and with change management to ensure you have a smooth transition to the new way of doing business.

  • Security.

    The EasyReq servers are hardware firewall protected and honed (Multiple Internet connections), and browsers and interfaces are encrypted using the SSL/TLS protocol (HTTPS). EasyReq uses unique PIN numbers and specific Log In procedures to allow users, coordinators and administrators to access, assign (Dispatch) and update data depending on their security level and area of responsibility.

  • Integration.

    EasyReq can be integrated with various accounting software packages. Sage’s Simply Accounting and Intuit’s QuickBooks are fully supported and can be auto-configured to seamlessly integrate with EasyReq. EasyReq can also auto export a csv flat file for integration into any accounting software including ERP software.

  • Implementation.

    EasyReq is a hosted solution so all you need is access rights. Once we have configured and customized your instance of the software, you’re ready to start using EasyReq.

  • Updates.

    We are committed to constant ongoing improvement of EasyReq.  Updates to the system happen periodically and automatically.  The cost of updates is included in the license fee.  Your software is always up to date and you never have to worry about not having the latest release.

  • Support.

    Once you’ve decided on the software, we’re ready to help with all your support needs so you can go live quickly and get the full benefit of your EasyReq solution.  We provide support for all stages of your project’s lifecycle, from early planning through implementation and optimization; our complete support will help you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Documentation.

    A full set of web-based user documentation is available to help you with end-user training and system maintenance.

  • Training.

    A full set of web-based training material is available for all key roles related to EasyReq including job descriptions and/or work instructions for the following roles:

    1.  Administrator (your employee responsible for all company information/data and all employee access rights in EasyReq)

    2.  Coordinator (your employee responsible for assigning (and tracking) work requests to the proper departments/workers for completion using EasyReq)

    3.  Runner (your employee responsible for delivering finished work/mail/supplies/copy jobs/etcetera to Users)

    4.  Users (your employees that use EasyReq to request work)

    If you require, we can provide an EasyReq Trainer to work with you and your staff on-site providing training and guidance for all 4 roles defined above.