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EasyReq fits unique needs by providing one-on-one consultation, a la carte modules and custom programming for your industry, your business and your goals.

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  • Allocate Costs.

    Right now it’s a laborious and tedious task to gather all of the costs associated with all of the administrative work that takes place in your firm; using disparate systems and collection methods.  Hopefully the costs are accurate. Then the costs have to be allocated to the proper cost centres, job numbers, client codes, matter numbers, etcetera.   Time is often of the essence for billing and accounting cycle deadlines.  This could represent hundreds of hours a month to your firm.

    With EasyReq, costs are automatically and instantly uploaded and allocated to your accounting system for every requisition placed.  The allocation process now represents zero hours per month.

  • Track Progress.

    Right now it’s not easy to find out the status of the work you request.  For instance, you want to know where your print job is?  When will it be ready?  Has it been assigned?  Is it in progress?  Is it ready for pickup?  Can it be delivered to your desk?   Right now you need to make phone calls and you need to wait for answers.  The information you want is not readily available.

    With EasyReq, you login and you have your answers, for all your requisitions.  It’s that simple.

  • Prepare Budgets.

    One of the most common problems with budgeting is keeping track of the expenses that you have. While you might establish a good budget, it will not matter unless you can keep track of what you have already spent. Enforcing the budget is just as important as coming up with a budget.  Currently this process is very challenging and often it’s based on a hit and miss approach.

    With EasyReq, tracking expenses is automatic, and managing costs is easily facilitated with the powerful self-serve reporting feature.  Historical costs are collected and easily used to project costs based on expected future activity.  Budgeting has never been easier.

  • Get Reports.

    In most companies, reliable reports related to administrative work are not even available.  Or if they are prepared, it’s often a manual effort requiring significant work and time to generate.

    With EasyReq, the reports you need to manage your business are instantly available anytime you need them.  Management, performance, on-time delivery, cost, metric, inventory, activity, time & material, cost centre, and attendance reports are just some of the reports we’re talking about.

  • Request Work.

    If your business is similar to most of the ones we consulted with, you probably have a plethora of requisition types and processes for getting administrative work done.   You have one requisition type for using courier service, another one for requesting a print job, one for reserving a meeting room, another one for catering service, etcetera, etcetera.  And most of the requisitions are manual, time consuming and cumbersome.  They probably use different media; some are phone in, some use email, some are paper based (in multiple copy), and some are software application based.

    With EasyReq, you login and all of the requisition forms are there in one place and in one format, they’re easy to complete, and best of all, the system recognizes who you are so you’re not wasting any time entering your default coordinates (over and over and over again).

    Here’s a sample of the requisition types available in EasyReq:

    1.  Bailiff – A legal order to send a Bailiff to a specified location to deliver a court document.

    2.  Catering – An order to supply food and/or beverages to a specific location and time.

    3.  Copy – A request to send to the photocopy department for processing.

    4.  Courier – A request to send a package from one location to another.

    5.  Fax – An order to send a fax to a specified phone number.

    6.  Filing / Archiving – A request to file or archive or retrieve specific documents.

    7.  Furniture Move – A request to move contents of an office to another location.

    8.  Internal Mail – A request to send material between departments and locations within the same company.

    9.  Incoming Delivery – A request to accept an incoming delivery.

    10.  IT Request – A request for support from the IT department.

    11.  Incoming Fax – A request to accept an incoming fax.

    12.  Office Supply – A request to order office supplies.

    13.  Stores – An internal request from an employee for any type of unique (to your business) supplies.

    14.  Scan – A request to scan documents.

    EasyReq Does More

    Here’s a sample of the log/manifest types available in EasyReq:

    1.  Messenger – Logs, notes details, and accept signatures where required for all incoming deliveries.

    2.  Outgoing Fax – Logs and notes details about all outgoing faxes.

    3.  Incoming Fax – Logs and notes details about all incoming faxes.

    4.  Incoming Mail – Logs and notes details about all incoming mail.

    5.  Registered Mail – Logs and notes details about all registered mail.

    6.  Bailiff – Logs, notes details and accept signatures where required for all Bailiff Requests.

    7.  IT – Logs, notes details and accept signatures where required for all IT requests.

    8.  Intercity Mail – Logs and notes details about all mail between offices/cities.

    Finally, manage attendance with the Timesheet Module and manage all of your assets with the Inventory Module.

    EasyReq leaves no stone unturned when it comes to administrative workflow management.